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About Us

Coffee House in the Gardens, situated in the gatekeeper's cottage in the Braintree & Bocking Public Gardens, has been offering it's delicious coffee to the people of Braintree since 2015. Originally the sister shop to the Cool Beans coffee house on Bank St, the Coffee House in the Gardens has carried on Cool Beans' legacy of superb coffee, delicious handmade breakfast and lunch, and the warm, comfortable atmosphere you'd expect from an independent business.

Now run solely by Rachel, the coffee house has increasingly become a community hub, hosting a weekly Meet Up Mondays session, as well as supporting the park's many events, and being a go-to choice for the town's business people and residents to visit for a relaxing lunch, all year round.

Our focus is on quality ingredients. Everything, from our sausages from Wicks Manor Farm in Maldon, to our specially prepared coffee beans, has been hand-selected by Rachel and the team to ensure fantastic flavour at a good price. With town centres across the country awash with generic cafes selling low-grade products, our focus on decent quality, locally-sourced ingredients really sets us apart.

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We also try to maintain strong ethical standards in everything we do here at the coffee shop. All of our takeaway packaging is compostable, from the cups and lids, to the sandwich packets (with their plant-starch "plastic" windows), meaning you can grab a takeaway without the guilt that you are contributing to landfill. All of our food waste is composted on site, and our mountains of spent coffee grounds are used by the gardeners to make compost for the Public Gardens themselves, meaning our waste literally fuels the beautiful surroundings we work in every day.

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Ecological Footprint

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